Our Team

Vikrant Gupta

Managing Director

Kelsa Duffield

Business Development Manager

Tommy Ly

Senior IT Consultant

Sandeep Sharma

Chief Operations Officer

Nitesh Sethi

Operations Manager

Shubham Gupta

Senior IT Team Manager

Ubaid ur Rehman

IT Team Manager

Nikhil Gandotra

IT Team Manager

Sunil Kumar

IT Team Manager

Arjun Mahajan

IT Team Manager

Visharad Sudan

IT Team Manager

Tejinder Pal Singh

IT Team Manager

Nitish Kumar

Assistant IT Team Manager

Vaibhav Suri

Assistant IT Team Manager

Astha Puri

Software Developer

Anubhav Kohli

Corporate Communications Officer

Aryaa Zutshi

Assistant HR Manager


  • We started off with a team of 3 from RVS iGlobal and now have a team of 16 running our Support desk.  Reliable, skilled and eager to please!  Our Customers love our services thanks to RVS iGlobal!

    MSP, Netherlands

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